Is inteliLex for me?

If you’re working with documents, especially lots of non-standard (so mostly not template-based) ones, inteliLex is for you. No matter if you come from legal, insurance or any other industry.

What do I need to install inteliLex?

inteliLex works within Microsoft Word, so you’ll need MS Word 2016 or newer version and the Internet connection. MS Word 2016 might cause technical problems with all add-ins so we strongly recommend to install another add-in e.g. Wikipedia to check if it works properly. Add-in can be easily installed from Microsoft AppSource store or store within MS Word (for desktop apps).

Can I try inteliLex before buying?

Yes, a demo account that uses a small base of documents is available for everyone to see how inteliLex works. In order to use your documents you need to purchase a subscription.

How do I manage my organisation and its documents in inteliLex?

inteliLex provides Customer Portal, where you can manage your organisation (e.g. users) and its documents (add new ones/remove old ones). Notice: one email address can be used only in one organization.

What types of documents can be processed?

The system processes docx (standard MS Word type) files.

Is my data safe?

inteliLex uses many security measures like encryption and is using only trusted infrastructure providers to ensure maximum data safety. What is more, we anonymise personal data within documents automatically, meaning it is removed from your documents as soon as it gets processed and is not stored in our databases afterwards. We also remove your documents after processing.

Will anyone outside my organization see my content?

No. inteliLex suggestions are based only on documents from your base, so only people in your Organization can see your content.

Doesn’t my computer’s search do the same?

Not really. With typical search you need to know what you are looking for. inteliLex provides recommendations automatically, based on the context and within Microsoft Word, so much faster than searching for particular documents in many sources.

How does the tool approach incorrect/outdated clauses?

As soon as you remove old documents from your inteliLex repository, clauses that were there are not taken into account by suggestion algorithms anymore.

How can I get inteliLex for my organisation?

Just go to the, choose a subscription type, then register your organization and place an order in the Customer Portal. After the registration process you will get an email with further information.

Can I increase the number of subscriptions?

Yes, at any time. Price for new subscriptions added immediately will be proportionally lower to the time passed during the current billing period. To do that just go to Customer Portal and increase your subscription.

Is my language supported?

inteliLex can be used for any language, however our anonymization and suggestion algorithms are optimized for Polish for now. This means we will anonymize your documents and provide suggestions for other languages, but not as good as for Polish. Soon our software will be optimized also for English.

How is inteliLex billed?

inteliLex is billed monthly and renewed automatically 7 days before your next billing period. Therefore all changes that come into force starting from the next billing period (increase number of subscriptions starting from the next billing period or decrease number of subscriptions) must be provided via email 7 days before the next billing period at latest.

Add-in icon is inactive, it cannot be turned on. What should I do?

It might be a result of working with .doc type file (old MS Word format). With such files MS Word 2016 and newer versions work in “compatibility mode” that blocks some functionalities, including add-ins. To solve it, please save your file as a .docx file (File -> save as -> .docx).