Doesn’t my computer’s search do the function?

> It is more time consuming. Also, today you search if you know what you are looking for. Tomorrow you will get inteliLex recommendations that you didn’t even consider before automatically, based on the context.

Is this only for lawyers?

> In the future it can be used by any user/organization that operates with a big amount of documents.

How does the tool approach incorrect/outdated clauses?

> A user can mark a clause as irrelevant / outdated / incorrect, and the algorithm will adjust. In the future we may partner with tools that focus on checking legal correctness.

Can customers intrust their clients’ personal data?

> Personal data is automatically anonymized. It is irrelevant for the algorithm.

Is it a product or a feature?

> Is Dropbox a product or a feature? inteliLex, in its current form, is envisioned as a product.

Can we make it?

> We have skills, positive feedback and motivation. Together, we are ready to develop what we’ve started to create.

Can our product have a global impact?

> Yes, because everyone can use the autocomplete feature. inteliLex integrates easily into a text editor and can support work in big companies as well as small law firms.